Pictures of my dad and uncle as teenagers

It's pretty weird to see facebook-esque pictures of your dad when he was your age, but recently one of his high school friends recently got a facebook and has been scanning in TONS of his photos of my dad and his friends from the 70s. Some of them are really awesome:

Not totally sure how he took this one.

This is the guy who was taking all these pictures.

My dad's friend as his dad, Halloween 1979

More Halloween, 1979

That's my dad at the tiller.


Spirit Photography

Cover of Harper's

"Thoughtography" by Ted Serios
(He claims to have actually photographed people's thoughts. I think that's pretty bogus, but these images are awesome.)

Frederick Hudson


Photos that emulate paintings

Shoji Ueda

Andre Kertesz

Edward Cazneaux

Edward Steichen

Arthur Kales

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Anne Brigman

Who knew Walker Evans took Polaroids?

Not me. But how sweet are these?

I got these off of this guy's blog. He wrote that Evans only got the 'roid in his last few years of life. He hadn't done anything in years, but was newly inspired once he got his hands on the newfangled SX-70.

"I bought that thing as a toy, and I took it as a kind of challenge," Evans explained. "It was this gadget and I decided that I might be able to do something serious with it. So I got to work to try to prove that. I think I've done something with it. After all, I am getting older, and I feel that nobody should touch a Polaroid until he's over sixty. You should first do all that work. It makes things awfully easy to have that thing pop out. It reduces everything to your brains and taste. It interests me very much, too, because I feel that if you have these things in your head, this is the instrument that will really test it. The damn thing will do anything you point it at. You have to really know something before you dare point it anywhere."

Emulation: Nancy Rexroth's Iowa

Probably my favorite:

3 people I know, 3 people I don't know, 3 people I'd like to know

3 people I'd like to know:
Yo La Tengo (my shitty cell phone pictures, sorry)

More than 3 people I don't know (forgot to put this under offensive things):

3 people I know:


10 Offensive Images

The Jonas Brothers spraying "white foam" all over their pre-teen audience

Mountaintop removal

SP + Declaration of Independence = no

Elephant killed by poachers


Manifest Destiny